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Programmes Offered

The following Programmes is offered in the University for Graduate and Post-Graduate students. Please visit the list of courses offered in the .......Readmore

Admissions for UG & PG Students

Admission procedure for all the U.G. students is through DOST(Degree Online Services, Telangana) and for PG students .......Readmore

Vision & Mission

To be a premier institution that offers best quality teaching and research programmes. To produce students who excel and become leaders in their chosen profession .......Readmore


SC/ST, LBC, EBC scholarships are available to the students joining post-graduate programmes, subject to certain terms and conditions. The Government of Telangana will .......Readmore


Fluency and proficiency in English language boosts value in job placements for students. Employers often look for graduates with a high competence in written ........ Readmore

University Library

The library provides a plesant study environment, allowing people to work either individually or in groups. Members of the library staff will help and provide complete information .......Readmore

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    - David Muller
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    - David Muller
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    - David Muller
  • "My experience at College is typified by the unparalleled support I received from my Director of Studies, Tutor and the fantastic friends I have made over the past three years."
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    - Raj Malluri
  • "Something that I've come to appreciate about College is its commitment to high academic achievement while also encouraging students to get involved in everything else Cambridge has to offer. I think this helps all students feel that when they come to leave College, they are graduating with much more than a class mark."
    - Kishore.K
  • As graduate students, we are valued as members of the community and the opportunities invested in us equip us to lead the way for future members.
    - Ramana.M
  • students are integrated into the College community and so we share in the identity and ethos of the College.
    - D.Venkatesh
  • The postgraduate College, is a great asset to all those studying at the College, providing a wealth of support both personally and financially. Being elected as one of the social secretaries for this year has given me the opportunity to help organise social events at the college, including a carnival party attended by postgraduate students from all different colleges.
    - Rakesh.K