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Policy Making Bodies :
The University functions through different statutory and non-statutory bodies to carry on its mission and achieve the objectives. While the Executive Council, constituted by the State Government under the Act, is the highest policy making body, Departmental Committees and Boards of Studies, also the statutory bodies, are concerned with academic decision making. Apart from these, there are numerous cells created for administrative purposes. In addition, Committee structure comprising Standing Committee and Committees constituted for specific purposes from time to time, stands out as the ubiquitous feature of University Governance.
Meetings hold the key for facilitating the business of these institutional structures. Minutes of the meetings are the prime means for execution of works in University life through fixation of responsibility, co-ordination and review of tasks.
Palamuru University has been carrying on its administration through fine traditions of Collaboration, collective responsibility and effective decision making through committees.
The implementation of Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) of UGC for promotion of University teachers taken up during 2016-17 bears ample testimony to this well-defined institutional arrangement and decision flow at Palamuru University.
The University obtained the approval of Executive Council for the proposal of promotion of University teachers under CAS vide Minutes of the 7th Executive Council Meeting held on 28-11-2015. The notification in this regard was issued on 21-09-2016, upon receiving the permission of the State Government vide Lr. No. 7776/UE/2015-2 dated 22-04-2016.
The Internal Coordination Committee constituted for following up CAS promotions carried on preliminary scrutiny of applications with regard to basic eligibility and recommended for further and formal scrutiny of these applications as per UGC Regulations under CAS, vide Minutes of the meeting dated 12.05.2017. Subsequently, the University constituted the Screening Committee with the Dean, Head/ Chairperson, Board of Studies in individual subjects for determining final eligibility and computing of API scores of the applicants.
The University secured the approval of Executive Council for Panel of subject experts for constitution of Selection Committees and for conduct of interviews as mandated under UGC-CAS Regulations vide Minutes of the Meeting of 13th EC meeting held on 18th August, 2016.
The Meetings of the Selection Committees for CAS promotions were held on 8-9-2017. The recommendations of these Committees were recorded in the Minutes of the meeting there of.
The University placed the recommendations of the Selection Committees and secured the approval of EC for effecting the CAS promotions vide Minutes of the 14th EC Meeting held on 22.09.2017.
This brings home the effectiveness of Committee functioning at Palamuru University. The various bodies/committees formed in the university are:
  • Committee for SC/ST
  • Minority cell
  • Grievance Redressal Committee
  • Internal Complaint Committee
  • Anti-Ragging Committee
  • OBC Cell