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Mechanism of Communication:
The programme outcomes of Palamuru University are enunciated in the form of following generic skills.
1. Knowledge Acquisition skills
Ability to learn individually and collaboratively through a process of
  • Research
  • Critical reflection
  • Synthesis
2. Societal skills
Commitment and accountability for social transformation in civil society and be able to:
  • Contribute to social justice
  • Be concerned for environmental sustainability
  • Enunciate and abide by standards of ethics
3. Communication skills
Competence to
  • Communicate effectively and professionally to a range of audiences.
  • Articulate ideas clearly and effectively
  • Use the social media to influence the society
Programme specific outcomes are prepared for each of the 17 academic programmes being offered by the University.
Course outcomes are spelt out in detail for the individual subjects/ papers as specified in the Curriculum of the respective academic programme.
Method of communication
Programme outcomes, programme specific outcomes and course outcomes are displayed on the website of the University and printed in the Handbook. These are circulated among the Faculty of the concerned Departments as well. Programme outcomes being germane to academic agenda and path of student progression are explained to students at the time of orientation programme. The students are familiarized with programme specific outcomes soon after their reporting at the respective Departments. Course outcomes are explained to them at the commencement of each semester.