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Department Profile :
The Department of Economics has been established in the University since 2014-15. It become full-fledged as an independent one and it turned out its first batch of students in 2015-16. The Department is endowed with 04 qualified and experience Teaching faculty. The Department of Economics is imbibing the ethics and etiquettes by motivating the students as well as faculty to holistically follow the code of ethics for any work carried out within the Department. In order to carry forward the legacy of the Department; announcing different tools for checking the plagiarism are using to ensure the quality of research and publication works. All the students and faculty members in the Department of economics are; highlights the endeavors to eliminate unacceptable practices within the study and research miles. We are trying the highest standards of excellence and morality in any research activities or programmes are undergoing by the Department. The main thrust areas of Teaching in the Department are Indian Economy, Economics of Environment, Agricultural Economics and Economics growth and development. Faculty members of the Department are actively participating in workshops, Conferences and Seminars.
The Department has been encouraging the students to participate in the National seminars, debates as well as essay writing competitions in and around the university. All faculty members are also guiding the students not only receive the quality education from the Department, also learn the discipline and they are received guidance on various completive exams which are conducting the state as well as central governments. In the 2015-16, some students are got free books from the Department for the completive exams. In the 2016-17, the Department is organized Two seminars on Demonetization and GST, Poverty and Unemployement issues in India.
Department of Economics
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