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Department Profile :
The Department of English was established in the year 2008. The department aims at cultivating standards both in teaching and research to meet the contemporary, regional, national and international needs, heading socio-economic and cultural development by offering courses M.A. English and Ph.D. in English with a variety of Areas in Literature and Research. English department recognizes the crucial role of literature in the globalized and target oriented professional and personal lives and further facilitates the students to enhance their creative, literary, and personal lives.
The faculty of English Department is committed to support their students, directing them towards exploring the world of literature and the Teaching of English language. M.A degree in English Literature will brand the Student as a valuable resource for any employer and gives them an opportunity to contribute for the development of the society. The syllabus, consisting of old and new literature brings the students and faculty under single roof with integrated literary interests. The study of literature and its trends helps the students acquire the tools to communicate with world by voicing their ideas and opinions through their writings and oration. It has been following Semester System and Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) with moderate class rooms, with the intake of 30 students for the course. The department exposes our students to various events, workshops, lectures, activities and seminars, which develop not only Intelligence Quotient (IQ) but also Emotional Quotient (EQ).
The teachers of the department with experience and dedication wanted to cater the needs of 21st century students by exposing them to various streams of literature. The following are the streamlined Areas of study and Research of English Department:
  • British Literature
  • American Literature
  • Indian Writing in English
  • Post-Colonial Literature
  • English Language Teaching and Phonetics
  • Cultural Studies
  • Women's Writings,
  • Film Studies
  • Criticism- theory and practice
  • Translation.
Department of English
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