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The Department of 5 Years Integrated M.Sc. Chemistry was established in the academic year 2009-2010 to offer masters program in Integrated Chemistry with the aim of inculcating research at the early stage. Accordingly the syllabus of the course is designed to create a basic scientific awareness among all the Interdisciplinary subjects beside from General Chemistry which includes Organic, Inorganic, Physical and General Chemistry as a core subjects. The first two years of the course have common core B.Sc. Syllabus which includes 13 other disciplines. The course offers skill development to the students through Seminar presentations, opportunity to take a class to the lower semester students, having soft skill development. Project work in the final semester makes the course an attractive to the students in pursuit of higher dimensions of Science. The curriculum has been adapted from Kakatiya University since the inception of the course.
The Department is equipped with three State of the Art laboratories each one for Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry specializations with basic infrastructure. The research lab has been established in the physical chemistry lab with the Project funding
This course offers an additional advantage to the students to be eligible for INSPIRE fellowship given by MHRD, Govt. of India which span for entire 5 years with a fellowship of Rs. 5000/- pm. Exposure to national and international Universities/institutes/laboratories, through the project work/summer research fellowships, further attracts the students. Acquiring knowledge in interdisciplinary subjects like Mathematics, Biology, Commerce, Community development makes this course one of the best disciplines and better aware the students about basic scientific knowledge essential to qualify for National Fellowships.
Four of first batch students (2009-2014) were selected for INSPIRE fellowship of 5000 per month for five years. A total of 05 students were selected for INSPIRE Ph.D. fellowships. 04 students were awarded summer research fellowships from National Institutes like CDRI Luknow and IISER Kolkata. 01 student awarded JRF fellowship. 10 students are presently doing their doctoral program. 25 students were absorbed by various Pharma companies across Hyderabad.
The Department is specialized in conducting research in the areas of Total synthesis of bio-active compounds specifically cyclohexane ring containing natural and natural product like compounds through innovation of Eco-friendly reagents and methodologies. Current progress involves total synthesis of (-)- Shikimic Acid, a pivotal raw material for the synthesis of the drug for bird flu disease i.e. Tamiflu (Oseltamivir Phosphate), 6-hydroxy Shikimic acid and carbasugars through SP2C-SP3C bond formation. And also synthsis of various bio-active compounds pericosins A, B, C and gabosines C, N,O are exhibiting significant inhibitory activity in vitro against tumour cell due to this, we embarked on the synthesis of pericosines and gabosines relying on Intramolecular Baylis-Hilmann reaction, one of the atom-economical C-C bond forming reactions choosing a common starting material.
Department of Integrated Chemistry
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