Welcome to the Department of Integrated Chemistry

Teaching Faculty
Sl.No Faculty Name Designation Mobile No. Email. ID Curriculum Vitae Profile
1 Dr.N. Chadra Kiran Asst. Professor ,HOD 9553863878 alchemy.kiran@gmail.com
2 Mr. Ram Mohan Academic Consultant 9542346147 patriji2095@gmail.com
3 Mrs.Ayesha Hashmi Academic Consultant 9652757242 ayesha_svdc@yahoo.com
4 Mr.Ravi Kumar Academic Consultant 9052009008 shekunti@gmail.com View View
6 Mr.Siddarama Goud Academic Consultant 9573345758 bsiddaramagoud@gmail.com View View
Research areas of interest:
Organic Total Synthesis, Green Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry.
Our specialized areas of work include total synthesis of bio-active compounds specifically cyclohexane ring containing natural and naturalproduct like compounds through innovation of Eco-friendly reagents and methodologies. Current progress involves total synthesis of (-)- Shikimic Acid, a pivotal raw material for the synthesis of the drug for bird flu disease i.e. Tamiflu (Oseltamivir Phosphate), 6-hydroxy Shikimic acid and carbasugars through SP2C- SP3C bond formation. And also synthsis of various bio-active compounds pericosins A, B, C and gabosines C, N,O are exhibiting significant inhibitory activity in vitro against tumour cell due to this, we embarked on the synthesis of pericosines and gabosines relying on Intramolecular Baylis-Hilmann reaction, one of the atom-economical C-C bond forming reactions choosing a common starting material.