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Our Department Profile :
The Department of Social Work is actively involved in academic and field-based practices, since its inception (2009) it strives to work towards participative, inclusive and sustainable development. Social work in today's world has established itself as a significant full-fledged profession at par with any other profession. As the world is fast becoming increasingly materialistic, devoid of human sentiments and emotions, with people growing more and more self centered, yet another global trend is becoming distinctly evident the urge of the young lot who want to do something for the welfare of the society. It may be said that it is indeed a noble gesture to indulge in working for others or lend a helping hand to the needy. The social sector consists of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and institutions that provide services to different sections of society.
MSW Specializations:
Urban, Rural and Tribal community Development (URTCD) and Medical and Psychiatric Social Work (MPSW)
Course curriculum is directed towards equipping students with knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to understand human needs, potentials, resources and services to develop fully humane professionals. It provides intensive field works such as Observational visits, Rural Educational Camp, Concurrent field work, student's seminars, Study Tour and Block field work training to students in the areas of rural and urban development, medical and psychiatric, correctional, industrial, human resource, women and child development, disability, care of aged, governance and organization administrational efforts.
Department of Social Work(MSW)
University College of Arts and Science