Welcome to the Department of Mathematics

NSS is the part of academics in Mathematics course. Since 2010 onwards Mathematics students have joined NSS in the Unit V University College. It comprises of 100 Mathematics and Microbiology student volunteers 50 each from both the departments. These volunteers spend 240 hours in the whole academic year for participating in regular and special camp activities. Only 45 members are eligible to attend the special camp programme which is conducted once in an academic year. Whoever completes 120 hours in regular activities those will be selected for attending special camp. One of the faculty from both the departments will be playing the role of NSS programme officer for NSS Unit V and will be acting a role for minimum 3 years period. From Mathematics Mr. Nagaraju since 2012 (earlier 2010-12 Ms. D. Hymavathi) was appointed as NSS Programme Officer and conducted 3 special camps and various regular activities which were unique and innovative.
Achievements of NSS Unit V:
  • Ms. Priyanka (Maths) has been selected for Pre-Republic Day parade camp.
  • Mr. Balraj,(Maths) attended State Level Adventure Camp, Warangal.