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Department Profile :
The Department of Zoology was started in the year 2014-15 as an post graduate Department. At present the Department has infrastructure facilities and expert staff members in different fields of Zoology. The Department offering two specialization.
The Department offers M.Sc. Zoology course with the following Specialization:
Comparative Animal Physiology
The main reason to establish the specialization in this University is to study about the various groups of animal physiology at Cellular level and Molecular level. It is the main subject to get the knowledge regarding the animal organ system functioning and most of the students who are joining in this course they have previous knowledge regarding the animal physiology at under graduation level. The comparative animal physiology enlightens the students completely in the evolutionary pattern.
Applied Entomology
Applied Entomology is selected as second specialization which includes sericulture and Integrated pest management. This specialization enlightens the students about the rearing of the Silk worms and the Management of the sericulture. It also deals with the control of pest population on various agricultural crops, stored products, etc., this specialization also have employment opportunities for the students. Faculty members of the department are actively participating in workshops, Conferences and Seminars.
Department of Zoology
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