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Department Profile :
The Industrial Pharmacy course is a discipline which includes manufacturing, development, marketing and distribution of drug products including quality assurance of these activities. The course is to provide a unique combination of modern pharmaceutical analytical techniques, pharmaceutical formulation development, novel drug delivery systems, intellectual property rights, advanced biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics, scale up and technology transfer and pharmaceutical production technology and entrepreneurship management to develop various types of drug delivery systems.
Disintegration Test Apparatus
  • The apparatus determine whether the dosage form such as tablets, capsules and other semi solid dosage forms have been disintegrate within a prescribed time as per specifications.
  • It consists of one basket, 1 liter Beaker, 6 cylindrical glass tubes.
  • It also consists of temperature sensor to maintain temperature.
  • The machine is built with specifications of GMP and Robust construction.
All Purpose Equipment
  1. This type of equipment is ideal for research and development, small scale production in the pharmaceutical, chemical industries.
  2. It is one drive unit and various attachments for different applications.
  3. This equipment having different accessories like ball mill, coating pan, polishing pan, double cone blender, V blender and roller mill.
  4. The main benefit of this equipment is it need less space, more applications and economical capital costs.
  5. By using this equipment we can perform different experiments in a same place by using different accessories like milling, coating ,separation of particle size.