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The Pharmaceutics course is designed to communicate knowledge on various aspects of drug design, development, evaluation, safety and effective use of drugs using various drug delivery techniques. The course is to provide a unique combination of modern pharmaceutical analytical techniques,drug delivery systems, regulatory affairs, nanotechnology, targeted drug delivery systems, biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics, computer aided drug development and cosmeceutical concepts to develop various types of drug delivery systems. College is equipped latest instruments.
Tablet Punching Machine
  • Tablet punching machine is an established manufacturing process with multiple applications in pharmaceutical, dietary supplementary, food, cosmetic and other industries.
  • The most important performance characteristics of tablet dosage forms are identified.
  • The tablets are being formed by compressing the granules using this compression machine.
  • In this punching machine the tablets are formed by combined pressing action of two punches and die.
  • In this punching machine mainly three steps will be there die filling, compression, tablet ejection namely called as ͞compaction cycle͟
  • By using this punching machine the production rate can be increased and possible to produce more than 50,000 tablets per hour.
  • This machine is built with specifications of GMP and Robust construction.
Dissolution Test Appratus
  • The dissolution apparatus consist of 6 baskets.
  • By using this type of dissolution process we come to know the amount of drugs substance goes into solution per unit time under standardized conditions.
  • Dissolution testing ensures not only the amount of drug release but also to confirm the product quality and performance of manufacturing process.
  • Here the dissolution test is performed to different types of tablets like conventional tablets, controlled, sustained release types of tablets by using different types of pH mediums.
  • The machine is built with specifications of GMP and Robust construction.
  • The apparatus consist of special software program for calculation of percentage of Drug release and time.