Department of telugu established in 2015 with an intake of 30 students. In the entire Jatprolu samsthana region this is only PG centre offering MA (Telugu). Department has conducted various development programmes right from inception to develop bhasha samskruthika, sahitya vikasam in students. Department successfully organizing Telanganatelugu bhasha dinosthvam every year. It also conducted Batukamma samburalu in the past two years, it also celebrated telangana kavula janmadina vedukalu without fail. Department is also conducting various student development activities like seminars, debate programmes, work shops. As on today Department secaured very good results. In the next academic Sevayear department is planning to organize national seminar with university grants on the topic “ Palamuru Jilla Samsthanalu- Sahitya Seva”. It also planning to de a research project on “Tribal life style – -Bhasha samskruthulu”. Department is also planning to offer extension lectures to students.

List of Faculty Members
Sl.No. Name of the Faculty Qualification Designation
1 Dr. N. Sandhya Rani M.A.,Ph.D. Assistant Professor
2 Dr.K.Prabhakar Reddy M.A.,Ph.D. Academic Consultant & Incharge Principal
3 Dr. Golla Bhaskar M.A.,M.Sc.,M.Ed.,Ph.D.,UGC-NET,AP-SET Academic Consultant
4 Dr. P. Srinivasulu M.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D. Academic Consultant
5 Mr. P.Gopinath Rathod M.A.,M.Phil.,(Ph.D),UGC-NET,AP-SET Academic Consultant
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