Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)

Promoting student centric education through Choice Based Credit System

Objectives of the practice

Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) marks a paradigm shift to student centric education. It provides freedom and flexibility to students in the choice of courses and credits and facilitates seamless mobility of learners across the institutions. Choice Based Credit System represents an innovative approach to curriculum design and teaching - learning process and incorporates a universally accepted evaluation system.

The objectives of the best practice are

  • To pave way for student centric education at Palamuru University.
  • Restructuring of curriculum and courses in tune with the new system.
  • Introduction of new pedagogy/ teaching methodology
  • Facilitating structural changes in the evaluation system.


In the wake of 12th plan, Choice Based Credit System acquired wider prominence as the National agenda for higher education. University Grants Commission, National Assessment and Accreditation Council and other policy meeting bodies have been emphasising on the adoption of this progressive academic measure. Established universities in the State have already embarked on this system. This provided context for the budding Palamuru University on trajectory for take-off, to introduce Choice Based Credit System in Post Graduate courses as the building block of quality culture.

The practice

Choice Based Credit System as the best practice emanated from the exercise of benchmarking underway at Palamuru University during 2013-14. To start with, select Post Graduation courses at campus colleges were taken for introduction of Choice Based Credit System. Professional courses such as Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Pharmacy and Master of Pharmacy were not covered in the first instance. As a prelude, orientation workshops were organised for the benefit of faculty of Palamuru University. These paved way for understanding of the philosophy and mechanics of Choice Based Credit System. Meetings with Deans and Chairpersons of Board of Studies and senior faculty of established universities provided ample space for discussion, experience sharing, and clarification of issues related to the new system.

The crux of introduction of Choice Based Credit System has been the restructuring of curriculum and recasting of courses in the frame work of credits and unitization. Model curricula of UGC, NCTE, AICTE and PCI have come in handy for this exercise.

The Board of studies in different subjects carried on this stupendous task meticulously. Equal attention has been paid to the requisite changes to be brought in the evaluation system in the wake of Choice Based Credit System.

The staff of the Examination Branch have been familiarized with the new system of credits and grades and the rubrics of grading system under Choice Based Credit System. With the necessary preparations on hand, the University secured the approval of Executive Council for launching Choice Based Credit System for Post-Graduation courses at campus colleges of Palamuru University.

Evidence of Success

Choice Based Credit System has been in vogue since 2013-14. M. Sc. Integrated Chemistry came under the purview of Choice Based Credit System during 2014-15 and MBA programme adopted CBCS during 2016-17. Choice Based Credit System got extended to Post Graduate centres and affiliated colleges as well as to all Under Graduate courses in the entire University during 2016-17.

CBCS as a holistic innovation has immensely contributed to academic breadth, depth, professionalism and quality enhancement. There is a positive development with increased focus on student-centric learning.

Introduction of Choice Based Credit System is paving way for linkages with industry, Non-Government Organizations & research institutions for securing internships and providing project based learning avenues for the students. The provision for earning credits for undergoing Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) and courses under SWAYAM of Ministry of Human Resource Development has been made.

Problems encountered and resources required

Pharmacy courses (B. Pharmacy and M. Pharmacy) at Palamuru University are following Credit Based Semester System (CBSS) as mandated by the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI). The choice under electives in CBCS is limited at present owing to shortage of faculty at Palamuru University. The support from Telangana State Council for Higher Education (TSCHE) has facilitated the introduction of CBCS in UG programmes during 2016-17.


  • Introduction of Choice Based Credit System calls for systematic preparation and implementation.
  • Choice Based Credit System being a paradigm shift, careful planning is required.
  • Advanced preparation is required for curriculum restructuring under this system.
  • Teachers need to be attuned to learner-centric ethos.
  • Evaluation system requires substantive changes in tune with the Choice Based Credit System.
  • Provision should be made for offering wide ranging electives and specializations.

About the Institution

  • Name of the Institution: Palamuru University
  • Address : Bandameedipally, Mahabubnagar, TS- 509001
  • Contact Person for further Details: Prof. Pindi Pavan Kumar
  • E-Mail : pavankumarpindi@gmail.com
  • Website : palamuruuniversity@ac.in