Waste Management

  • Palamuru University has accorded primacy for sustainable waste management. It has established system for disposal of scrap waste provision is made for resource recovery of recyclable matter.
  • The solid waste from hostels (Boys and Girls) is converted into bio-fertilizer through composting.
  • Organic compost is used for the Botanical Garden setup on the campus as well as for the plantation drive taken up as part of Green initiative of the State Government.
  • UGC Guidelines - 2011 are in place for dealing with hazardous waste other regulated material.

Liquid Waste Management

Laboratory liquid waste disposal has been taken up in a systematic way at Palamuru University.The steps include washing down drains with excess water at the laboratories. While the organic waste yield of the University is very negligible, Provision is made for sending organic waste to municipal system for proper treatment. Controlled waste container and laboratory waste bins are arranged. Arrangements are in place for solvent waste collection and glass recycling.


Provision is made for recycling of obsolete and unservicable electronic equipment from the duly approved service providers. Care is taken for ensuring information security during the disposal of equipment.