Incremental Improvements

  • While quality sustenance is ensured through continuous improvement as an ongoing process, incremental improvements do serve as mile stones of achievement in quest for quality adding inspiration to the members of the institution.
  • IQAC has been instrumental in value addition to the institution through its contributions while quality sustenance through its initiatives and contributions to different spheres of University functioning.
  • In this connection, mention needs to be to the following visible improvements which hold promise and potential for sustained progress of the University.

Promotion of Academic Collaboration

IQAC has focused attention on exploring the possibilities for academic collaboration and forging linkages with established institutions, industry and NGOs for furtherance of teaching, research and employability of students. In pursuance of this, Palamuru University has entered into MoU with NCRI for mutual cooperation in promotion of research, strengthening of teaching, reorienting extension in rural development and resilience. The implementation of this MoU is progressing well. There is active involvement of the faculty from the Departments of MBA and NSS wing in the capacity building programmes taken up under the MoU. Palamuru University is also partnered in the process of Curriculum Development for the proposed new course on Rural Resilience being formulated by NCRI in the State of Telangana. The University also entered into MoU with NGOs and District Administrators for promoting academic collaboration in MSW programme.

Formulation of Graduate Attributes

IQAC has contributed for the formulation of Graduate Attributes at Palamuru University. Graduate Attributes bring home the philosophy underpinning the teaching programmes being offered by the University. These describe the qualities, Knowledge and capabilities that students are encouraged to take responsibility for developing throughout their studies/stay at the University. Graduate Attributes have the potentials to outlast the Knowledge and context of study. This sense of graduateness is what distinguishes them from others.

Palamuru University envisages its graduates having the following qualities and attributes:

1. Intellectually Proficient

The students will
  • Have the primary knowledge base in their particular academic arena
  • Have the capability to create novel and pertinent knowledge through analysis, critical thinking and synthesis
  • Be dedicated to brilliance in their core academic arena
  • Have a life-time longing for knowledge

2. Ethically Upright

The students will
  • Demonstrate a personal conviction that righteousness and harmony are the foundations of communal living
  • Have directed their integrity to extricate right from wrong by answering the question, "Does it add anything to fairness and peace?"
  • Be steered by the voice of their conscience and every time do what is right, true and appropriate

3. Socially Dedicated

The students will
  • Be socially mindful, responsive, sensitive and energetic persons, who are committed and responsible agents of social nobility and goodness
  • Display sincere concern for human values and ecological circumstances
  • Be committed to collective justice and the self-respect of all sections of society, especially the deprived and the neglected

4. Civic-Wise Accountable

The students will
  • Be responsible followers of social and professional communities
  • Promote democratic values and peaceful living in a multi-faceted society, with courage of conviction