In order to be free from any illness or injury, the University Health Centre at the Palamuru University campus has started its health services quite recently. The Health Centre is equipped with adequate beds, needed medicines, and the important amenities for the well-being of the students and staff. The Health Centre services are provided on daily basis by a team of doctors, paramedical staff and outreach workers.

Out-patient service and basic first-aid services are provided to the patients on a regular basis. With the opening of the University Health Centre, quality health services are made easily and comfortably accessible to students, staff and people in the proximity. Apart from general health check-ups at the Centre, other health services and various awareness activities are also organized in the area through community meetings, rallies, student campaigning in local area etc. The main aim of the Health Centre is to provide preventive and curative healthcare services to the students and staff in the university.


The following services are presently being provided at the University Health Centre:

  • Giving first-aid treatment
  • Providing medications to normal sickness like cold, fever, cough, headache, body pains etc.
  • Measuring height and weight of the individual for being fit or for planning fitness programmes
  • Furnishing information to students on health and hygiene
  • Giving counselling to students on chronic diseases like Cholera, Typhoid, Dengue, Malaria, Cancer and HIV viruses etc.

Staff Members

  • The following Staff members are rendering their services at the University

Health Centre

  • A female doctor and a male doctor
  • A staff nurse
  • Supporting staff

In case of emergency, the patients are immediately shifted to SVS hospital and Medical College at Mahabubnagar after providing First-Aid treatment by the doctor at the University Health Centre. Subsequently, the well- being and the condition of the patient will be constantly monitored and followed up by the Student Coordinators as well as by the Faculty of the University.