Procedures for maintaining and utilizing Physical / academic / support facilities

Palamuru University assigns high importance to infrastructure development. It follows a well laid down policy for maintaining and utilizing different types of academic facilities and student amenities.

The initiatives in this regard are as follows :

  • General upkeep(including cleaning and sanitation ) of the offices, colleges, hostels & messes and other central facilities such as library, playfields, health centre is assigned to approved agencies on outsourcing basis as per state government policy.
  • Periodic & Preventive maintenance of buildings and overall campus environs looked after by the consultant engineer. The services of duly approved central government agencies are enlisted for this purpose.
  • Utilisation of the class room and laboratories facilities are looking after their day-to-day maintenance is the responsibility of Principles/Heads.
  • Similarly the director, Physical Education looks after the proper utilisation and maintenance of sports facilities while the chief warden, wardens and the staff attend to the smaller maintenance requirements of hostels and messes.
  • Central library being the primary learning source centre of the University, the librarian pays attention to utilisation aspects of this facility for better service to the academic community.
  • Maintenance of IT infrastructure takes place through executing AMCs. The officer on special Duty(OSD) coordinates the procurement of all types of computing devices including hard and licensed software under rate control from the duly approved venders. Standardised procedures are in place for this purpose.
  • State Government policy of green computing is being followed for disposal of outdated unserviceable computers configurations/peripherals by handing over the said equipments to designated firms for recycling.
  • The practice of maintaining backups and mirroring information are followed for minimisation of unfortunate risks in case of system failures.
  • Being a new University it is functioning with limited maintaining staff and relying more on external service providers for this purpose.