Extension & Outreach Activities

Extension & outreach activities are the vehicles for Institutional Social Responsibility(ISR). Palamuru University has accorded due priority to this third dimension of higher education. The university is in forefront in taking up a number of initiatives in this direction through curricular interventions as well as through NSS programmes.

The university has been successful in sensitizing the students to societal concerns and instilling in them a sense of purpose and social responsibility to contribute to the community well-being through these structured avenues.

There is active involvement of students as well as faculty across all the academic programmes of the universities in the national building pursuits. Curricular requirements are harmoniously incorporated into NSS special camps organised from time to time where there is provision for multi departmental involvement.

While department of Botany contributes to this area through its unique ethnobotanical Conservation Programme in the neighbouring villages to bring home the importance of plants & bio-diversity for the sustenance of planet earth, Department of social work makes its presence felt through village adoption programmes for rendering value based services to the local population.

Together these two departments participated in NSS special camps, during 2013-17and covered four villages for their multi programmed operations. Similarly, Department of English also took up 4 villages as a part of NSS special camps for addressing the specific community concerns such as jogini system, forced migration, child marriages and alcoholism. The synergy of such participation has been valuable for the university.

The concern and commitment of the university has come to the fore and their contribution to rural reconstruction and resilience has been demonstrated in ample terns through the said extension & outreach interventions.

These have proved beneficial to the student community too. Extension initiatives have opened up a new window of service learning through community engagement for the students. The immersive learning experience in real world settings amid addressing live concerns has substantially contributed to broadening of perspectives personality development, value orientation and inculcation of research culture among the students.

The planned extension and outreach activities at Palamuru University drive home the interdisciplinary perspective and application orientation to knowledge to give cutting edge to the academic pursuits of the students.

The university has been able to create positive impacts and given respectability and visibility among the neighbouring communities & villages through such purposeful interventions.