Contribution of IQAC

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) has been facilitating initiatives for quality enhancement at Palamuru University ever since its inception in 2015. It is playing a pro-active role in inculcation of quality culture among the academic community of the University. In this direction, it is coming out with new ideas/ alternative proposals for the continuous improvement of institutional processes. Two of the interventions suggested by IQAC have significantly contributed for the quality sustenance at Palamuru University.

These include :

  • Student feedback on the curriculum.
  • Student feedback on teaching, learning & evaluation.

1. Student feedback on curriculum

Palamuru University has embarked upon the Curriculum Design in its academic programs in tune with the emerging requirements of Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) introduced during 2013-14. IQAC has reflected on this quality initiative by bringing in a stakeholders' perspective comprising teachers and students of the University.

IQAC felt that aside academic calibration process which involves an external Peer review undertaken in collaboration with other Universities, feedback from teachers & students of the institution also should be elicited on the curriculum.

This felt need prompted the IQAC to come out with the intervention of student feedback on curriculum. As a step in this direction, IQAC has devised separate formats for eliciting feedback of students and teachers respectively. 10 relevant items are incorporated for this purpose on a 5-point scale.

These were distributed among the staff and students for obtaining their views. The feedback from students and teaching staff so obtained has been analysed and a Report has been prepared. IQAC is examining the report now.

2. Student feedback on teaching, learning & evaluation

Teaching, learning and evaluation constitute the core of education. While planned or intended Curriculum provides structure for learning outcomes, pedagogy employed by the teachers facilitates the assimilation of this implemented or delivered curriculum into meaningful learning experiences, and evaluation assesses the extent of internalization of this experienced/ attained curriculum by students.

Given this backdrop, IQAC felt that feedback of students should be elicited on teaching, learning and evaluation processes at the University. Such feedback would provide meaningful insights into the academic functioning of the institution. It would also throw light on the students' attitudes/ impressions about the educational climate at the University.

With these considerations, IQAC devised a format for obtaining student feedback on teaching, learning & evaluation in each of the courses underwent by a student during the given semester. It was administered to students at the end- semester University examinations.

The University has been collecting feedback for the last 3 years. IQAC is in the process of analysing these results. The meaningful insights thereof will be highly useful and valuable for furtherance of quality.