Efforts Towards Rain Water Harvesting

The topography of Palamuru University campus is conducive for effective rain water harvesting. The ecosystem so unique of the campus,further enriches prospects for it by arresting excess rain water flow during monsoon season. Canals have been dug and drain outlets constructed to channelize and regulate the speedy flow of rain water so as to carry it in fullness to the harvesting system.

The creation of the harvesting system where the rain water is collected from multiple points on the campus represents a major sustainability initiative of Palamuru University. This water is used as the source of drinking water for wild life inhabiting the campus. The harvesting water comes in handy for gardening and cleaning requirements at hostels. Rain water harvesting is contributing to the promotion of bio-diversity at the University.

The different components of harvesting system include :

  • A major water pool, spread over 50 sq. Miles, with an average depth of 10 ft., by tapping rain water in the campus and the adjoining creeks.
  • A dug well is constructed and soaking pits nearer it are laid for the replenishment of the ground water table to enhance sustainability of the campus.