The institution reviews its teaching learning process, structures & methodologies of operations and learning outcomes at periodic intervals through IQAC set up as per norms

The contribution of IQAC comprises not only unveiling the initiatives for institutionalization but also actively involve in periodic review of systems, structures and processes of the institution so as to facilitate the progressive reforms.

IQAC of Palamuru University regularly takes part in the institutional review processes undertaken at periodic intervals and provides positive guidance and policy inputs for the proposed reforms.

1. IQAC has taken active part in mid-term review of CBCS and come out with useful suggestions for shaping the academic structure at Palamuru University.

Palamuru University introduced CBCS during 2013-14. At that time, two professional programmes viz. MBA and Pharmacy (UG & PG) as well as the Integrated programme viz. M.Sc. 5 yr. Integrated Chemistry, were not covered under CBCS.

IQAC took note of this deficiency during the institutional review undertaken during December 2015. It suggested steps for mainstreaming these programmes under CBCS pattern.

IQAC has impressed upon the adoption of CBCS curriculum of MBA programme at Osmania University for implementation at Palamuru University. Similarly, IQAC has taken note of the practical difficulties being encountered in the introduction of CBCS in the integrated programme of M.Sc. Chemistry. After taking into consideration the experience of established Universities, IQAC has suggested the adoption of CBCS pattern for M.Sc. 5 Year Programme.

IQAC has explored the possibilities for bringing Pharmacy programme under CBCS. In this connection it has recommended the adoption of CBSS (Credit Based Semester System) as formulated for Pharmacy courses (B.Pharmacy & M.Pharmacy) by PCI as the viable option and feasible alternative for implementation at Palamuru University.

The respective boards of studies in these programmes have followed up the matter. The fruits of this vigorous pursuing have led to the introduction of CBCS in MBA programme and M.Sc. 5 Year Integrated Programme as well as CBSS in Graduate and Post Graduate Pharmacy Programmes during 2016 -17.

IQAC has also played a pro-active role in lending support to the initiative of Telangana State Council for Higher Education (TSCHE) for the introduction of CBCS in UG programmes across all the Universities in the new State of Telangana w.e.f. 2016 -17.

As a result, at present the academic reform of CBCS is in place for all the teaching programmes (both UG & PG) at Palamuru University.

2. IQAC has demonstrated its commitment for the promotion of academic excellence through a critical focus on learning outcomes in the diverse academic programmes being offered at Palamuru University.

IQAC has taken note of the missing focus on learning outcomes in the curriculum design and teaching-learning processes. It has brought home the critical significance of learning outcomes and emphasized on the formulation of programme outcomes in consonance with the vision and mission of the University.

In pursuance of this process, it has worked closely with all the departments at Palamuru University. As a result of this collaborative endeavour, Palamuru University has formulated programme outcomes which focus on generic skills that are transferable,preparing students for study, employment and citizenship while still capturing the discipline-specific skills a programme cultivates. The key role played by IQAC has been instrumental in this positive development at Palamuru University.