The Institution assesses the learning levels of the students, after admission and organises special programs for advanced learners and slow learners

I. Assessment of Learning Levels of Students

Fundamental to effective instruction and to successful learning is the assessment which helps the teachers concerned to know where a student is exactly along the learning progression and path to academic success. The settings for this are the class rooms which are the primary location of student learning.

Accordingly, a component of class room teaching at Palamuru University includes subjective assessment of whether a student understands the concept or can apply the materials being taught. Prior to this brief informal assessment, during the first few days of the class work, the teachers concerned devote time to ascertain more about the students in terms of their academic background, aptitude, pace of learning, personality, motivation, interests and career aspirations etc. This builds up the much needed rapport of caring and sharing between the teacher and students. Palamuru University has taken the initiative to institutionalize the associative bonds between teachers and students through Mentoring System. This also opens up a new window for the teachers in using the differentiated instruction to cater to diverse learning needs of the students and results in more dynamic classroom interaction.

So to say, the initial informal interaction and subjective assessment by teachers, coupled with continuous multimode evaluation helps the teachers to identify the slow learners and advanced learners in the classroom. This paves way for the adoption of appropriate strategies to address the concerns of the both groups of learners.

II. Special programmes for slow runners

Most of the students admitted at Palamuru University in different programmes of study are the first generation learners, hailing from the rural and poorer socio-economic backgrounds and having studied through vernacular medium. Palamuru University is alive to this social reality and accords priority for main streaming the slow learners.

  • The university arranges preliminary spoken English and communication skills classes for the benefit of students of vernacular medium as well as for those whose proficiency in English is low.
  • Tutorials are conducted on a planned basis as a part of remedial instruction for the slow learners in different Departments.
  • Special/ extra classes are held for slow learners after the class hours on weekdays. The schedules for the same are worked out by the respective departments.
  • There is a provision of student mentoring to address the concerns of slow learners through counselling, social facilitation and academic advice, wherever required.

III. Special programmes for advanced learners

Palamuru University takes special care of gifted learners among the student community.

  • The University devises pathways for the productive engagement and academic enrichment of advanced learners.
  • Advanced learners are encouraged to prepare for higher studies and participate in research pursuits.
  • The services of advanced learners are enlisted in student mentoring and remedial instruction.
  • Anchor activities such as organisation of academic events and paper presentations are envisaged to foster self-reflection among advanced learners.