Performance appraisal holds the key for staff development. Palamuru University follows self-appraisal method for performance evaluation of teachers. For this purpose, it has adopted the UGC format of Annual Self-Assessment for Performance Based Appraisal System (PBAS) using the frame work of Academic Performance Indicators (API) in three categories :

  • Teaching, Learning and Evaluation related activities
  • Co-Curricular, Extension, Professional development related activities
  • Research, Publications and Academic Contributions

The API scores are reviewed after the annual appraisal exercise by the principal of the concerned college. Due emphasis is laid on sharing the feedback with the teachers. The feedback will help the teachers to know their attainment levels in different realms of API and provides motivation to further improve their performance.The API scores will also help the University administration in devising appropriate strategies for faculty development and path ways for their professional growth.The record of Annual Self-Assessment will come in handy at the time of promotions under Career Advancement Scheme. The University is in the early stages of implementing this initiative. This initial experience is quite encouraging for institutionalization of the system in near future.

An informal and indirect teacher evaluation obtained in the format of student feedback is also being followed at Palamuru University. It pertains to teacher's primary role of class room teaching & continuous evaluation of students. The University seeks to integrate this informal feedback into the formal system of performance appraisal of teachers.

So far as the non-teaching staff are concerned, the University is following to the format of Annual Confidential Report (ACR) for its regular non-teaching employees. This is a standardised method being followed in state-run institutions.