Report on the feedback on design and revision of curriculum

The feedback was collected from the students and faculty of all departments in the university on wide range of parameters including the structure of the syllabi, relevance to the industry, research, and usefulness for the competitive examinations.

Report on the feedback analysis by the students

The questionnaire for the students tried to elicit their views and opinions regarding the appropriateness of the syllabi to the title of the course, whether the syllabi creates interest and enriches their knowledge in the subject propelling them towards the demands of the current society. The questionnaire further tried to ascertain whether the prerequisite and required text books and secondary material are made available in the central and departmental libraries. Moreover, the questionnaire looked into whether internet facility was made available to the students, so that they are connected to the knowledge sources and repositories across the world. The questionnaire also took into account about the student's view of the teacher's ability to present the subject clearly and interestingly in dealing with the various subjects selected.

On the analysis of the student's feedback, it is seen that most students expressed their satisfaction on the issues raised in the questionnaire. The students agreed strongly to the appropriateness and the outcome of the syllabi. They expressed favorable opinion on the theory and practical content of the syllabi, as well as on the employability and entrepreneurship aspects in it. The students felt that the syllabi and its components provided them an opportunity to further their research pursuits. Nonetheless, the students expressed mixed views regarding availability of additional information through internet.

Report on the feedback analysis by the faculty

The questionnaire of faculty contains the questions and views regarding the appropriateness of the courses, relation between the theory and practice, and whether the syllabi completed on schedule. The Teachers questionnaire also looked into whether the teacher was able to impart the knowledge in an interesting and clear manner. The questionnaire asked the teachers regarding their views on the availability of library and online resources. Questions regarding the usefulness of the syllabus to face competitive examination to secure jobs and/or to pursue higher education were also incorporated.

On analysis of the feedback from the teachers, it can be clearly seen that the most of the teachers strongly agreed that the curriculum structure is viable and provides employment opportunities. According to the responses elicited, the faculty felt positively about the allocated number of classes and the demand for research. The faculty expressed strong opinion that there existed a good fit between the theory and practicum. The faculty strongly agreed that the current syllabi would enable a student to better himself in the fields of knowledge and enable him to succeed in the several competitive examinations as well as entrance examinations for higher studies. So far as the availability of online resources is concerned the faculty response was mixed.

Report on the feedback analysis by the Alumni

A questionnaire was prepared to elicit the feedback from the Alumni. The questionnaire focused on the aptness of the syllabus in the present day context and the relevance as well as usefulness for the industry, competitive and qualifying examinations etc. The feedback analysis from the Alumni reflects that majority of them strongly agreed on the aptness of the syllabi and its integration with practical training. They agreed that the present syllabus enabled the students to excel in the entrance examinations for the higher studies as well as for job oriented examinations. They also agreed that the syllabus needed revision in order to incorporate latest developments in the respective courses/programs.

Report on the feedback analysis by Parents

Feedback was collected from the parents through a questionnaire to elicit their views on ward's interest in the subject, performance in the examinations, co-curricular activities, as well as on the confidence in securing employment and qualifying in the competitive examinations. The questionnaire also sought to seek their views as well as to assess the ward's satisfaction with pedagogy employed in the classroom. According to the feedback, majority of the parents strongly agreed that their ward's understood the concepts and showed s interest in learning the subject by attending theory and laboratory classes. They agreed that their ward was performing well in the examinations and carrying out projects related to their subjects apart from participating in quizzes/competitions. As far as ward's interest in further studies is concerned, parents provided a mixed response. Parents strongly expressed satisfaction with the adopted pedagogy.